Pinnacle Behavioral Health is taking steps to be able to provide our services to all of those who need it within New York. Self-care is important, especially while social distancing. Even though you may be feeling alone, we are here for you!

Please fill out the “Contact Us” form below or call (518) 689-0244 ext. 35 to set up a new telehealth appointment.

Open and Embracing Telehealth

Even though you’re stuck at home that doesn’t mean you can’t get the mental health treatment you deserve. Chat online with one of our providers from the safety of your home. Just because you’re stuck inside doesn’t mean that you’re alone.


Call (518) 689-0244 x35 to set up a new appointment

We’ve taken our groups online!

Currently, the online groups we offer are:

Tai Chi •

Yoga •

Anger Group •

Anxiety Group •

Mindfulness Group •


Check out the rest of our groups here.

Call (518) 689-0244 x35 to join a new group.