Anger Management Group

Moving Beyond Anger

Let’s get to the bottom of our anger and resentment and figure out how to communicate more effectively with others. Don’t let anger negatively affect your mind, body and spirit. It’s time to heal and live our lives with less anger.

What causes your anger?

Our brains may be activated to feel or express anger in a variety of ways, and these causes are generally unique to each person depending on their past experiences and/or traumas. For example, if you were bullied as a kid, your feelings of helplessness may be triggered around situations where someone is taking control over you or parts of your life such as at work or in personal relationships as well.

      • Injustice
      • Disrespect
      • Violations of your personal space
      • Abusive language
      • Blaming, Shaming, Labeling
      • Threats to your security of the security of a loved one
      • Insults
      • Lying
      • Relations disputes
      • Fear of the unknown and changes in the world around you

Why is it important to get treatment for your anger?

If you do not learn to identify what is underlying your anger reactions and learn how to control your anger reactions, it can show up negatively in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.  Anger and resentment that has been festering in your life for a long time can cause a lot of health problems and damage to your physical body.

      • You are at increased risk of heart disease
      • It can weaken your immune system.
      • Anger can worsen depression and anxiety.
      • You are at an increased risk of respiratory problems when you have chronic anger.
      • Anger can also cause sleep problems; weight gain; reduced muscle mass; reduced brain cells and increased cortisol production which causes people to age more quickly.

Anger Management Group

10 Week Class

Fridays: 12pm to 1pm
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Facilitated by Jamie Coscia, LCSW-R

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