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Moving Beyond Anger

Let’s get to the bottom of our anger and resentment and figure out how to communicate more effectively with others. Don’t let anger negatively affect your mind, body and spirit. It’s time to heal and live our lives with less anger.

What causes your anger?

Our brains may be activated in a variety of ways, and these causes are generally unique to each people depending on their past experiences. For example, if you were bullied a lot as a kid, your triggers will be strong when it comes to someone who is domineering or frightening.These are some common causes that can anger you.

  • Injustice
  • Disrespect
  • Violations of your personal space
  • Abusive language
  • Blaming, Shaming, Labeling
  • Threats to the physical body
  • Insults
  • False Information
  • Lying
  • Relations disputes
  • Constant disappointment

What might happen if you do not get consultation on time or tips on channelling anger

If you do not learn how to stop being angry or anger control then it may show up as a big problem for your overall health. Anger episodes that last too long and are not controlled can cause damage to your body.

  • Your heart is at risk when you get angry.
  • It can weaken your immune system.
  • Anger can worsen anxiety.
  • Depression is also associated with anger.
  • Your lungs can be damaged by anger. There are some researches that say if you are a constantly angry or hostile person, your lungs could be damaged. Men with high hostility ratings may lower lung capacity, increase their risk for respiratory problems.
  • Anger can make your life shorter.

Effective Anger Management at Pinnacle Behavioral Health

Sometimes anger can become too strong for the situation or cause us to behave in unhealthy ways so it is important to know about channeling anger. People can seek help, classes, or therapy services to anger control.

Pinnacle Behavioral Health’s anger management program might be good option if your anger is affecting your relationships, work, and life. Our counselors can help you diagnose and treat this condition.

Get help for anger-related problems

For anger management, the first step is to find help for your anger-related problems. There are many treatment options available, including outpatient programs, inpatient facilities, individual and group therapy, and medication. There are also well-known therapies that you can go for such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), and Psychodynamic Therapy. To learn more about how you can get started on your journey to recovery, call us and Learn about anger control therapies and treatment.

Pinnacle Behavioral Health’s Anger Management Therapy

Pinnacle Behavioral Health, your excellent partner for anger management, is available to help with anything from medication management to stressors in your life that could be contributing to anger.

Pinnacle Behavioral Health’s anger management counselors are the experts and have a vast history of experience in this field. We have been helping people for nearly two decades to identify the causes of anger and how to deal with them in positive ways. We also provide the best anger management plan.

It can be difficult to keep your temper under control. To keep your temper under control, you can use simple anger management techniques such as taking a break or using “I” statements.

If you are looking for solutions to How to control my anger – Below is some help

Are you irritable when you are cut off by someone in traffic? Is it possible to feel high blood pressure when your child refuses cooperation? Anger can be a healthy emotion. It’s important to manage anger in a positive manner. Anger that is not controlled can have a negative impact on your health as well as your relationships. Look no more on how to control my anger and contact Pinnacle Behavioral Health for assistance.

Steps to follow for how to control my anger –

  1. Before you speak, think
  2. When you feel calm, let your worries out
  3. Get moving, do some exercise
  4. Take a break
  5. Find possible solutions

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