Natural healing remedies can help you beat depression and anxiety. These herbs and potions can be somewhat effective in reducing anxiety or depression. These potions and herbs do not naturally heal or remedy the cause of anxiety and depression.

There are several types of anxiety depression medication to cure the behaviour. Though here are the top five natural remedies to beat anxiety and depression. These will help you uncover and heal the root cause.

1. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Depression is a form of unresolved grief. EFT can be used to permanently remove the grief that causes depression. The depression will disappear when the grief is gone. After just a few EFT sessions, patients suffering from chronic depression who have been taking strong antidepressants for years were able to stop using them and stay free from depression. The results are equally effective in relieving anxiety. Anxiety can be caused by unresolved fears. EFT can be used to permanently remove anxiety-causing fears.

2. Hypnotherapy regression

Patients suffering from anxiety or depression can successfully reconnect to the source of their emotional pain. EFT and hypnotherapy regression are equally effective when used as natural healing methods to overcome or beat anxiety and depression.

3. Writing your Feelings

This is a wonderful technique that you can use on your own. It is extremely effective at releasing negative emotions from your soul. Anxiety is always unexpressed fear and depression is always “unexpressed grief.” You can start a healing process by yourself if you “express” your grief in a journal.

4. Connecting to Your Source Of Love, Your Higher Self

You will need to be open-minded to the spiritual side. If you cut off your spiritual connection to your Higher Godself, anxiety (fear), and depression (grief), then these feelings can only exist in your soul. Your Higher Self is always connected via an invisible silver cable that is your Source for Love. However, if you focus only on your “Human Self”, you will soon become a Being in Need and then a Being in Love. This can lead to anxiety and depression as you feel disconnected from your Source for Love. Anxiety and depression will soon disappear when you connect to your Source for Love.

5. Meditation

Most people don’t realize this, even meditation practitioners. During meditation, your human consciousness and your Higher God self-consciousness “merge” and you feel the peace, love, and “oneness” of your Higher Self. This is especially true if you repeat in your mind the words “I AM my Higher Self”. It’s worth it to do for five to ten minutes. You will feel the peace and calmness in your soul when you connect with your Source of Love through meditation.

All anxiety is – A “fear” that you are not connected to God and are alone. All depression is – A “belief” that you are not connected to God and are alone. Daily meditation can help you to reconnect with your Source of Love and restore the vital flow of love in your soul. This is the natural healing remedy for all your fears, anxiety, grief, and depression. You are now focusing on the “Real Self” instead of your “human self”.

Besides these, there are many other methods including cbt for depression or clinical depression cognitive behavioral therapy to treat anxiety and depression.